Bodega Francisco Gómez 1

Winery visits


Bodegas Francisco Gómez (20 minutes far from our hotel)

The farmer covers 3.500 hectares (250 vines and 350 olive groves). 

The visit to this impressive cellar includes: Guided tour of the chapel, Bodega Square, vineyard, vinification cellar, ageing cellar, bottling room, storage cellar.....and the Olive Museum. Afterwards, conducted tasting of 4 wines and 2 olive oils with tasting of Iberian charcuterie, all made in the facilities. Ecologic products.

Price: 15 €/person

Booking through our hotel, the price is 8 €/person and the visit includes a present for every guest. Available in Spanish or English.

Duration of the visit: 1 hour 30 minutes

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8,30 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm. Saturdays and Sundays: 10 am to 2 pm.

Special visit price for our guests: 12 euros/person (visit + tasting + present)

Sierra Salinas Winery

Guided visit through the facilities. Booking in advance.

Las Virtudes Winery in Villena (11 kilometres far from our hotel)

The tour is a guided visit through the facilities: receiving hoppers,  winery, vats, small museum, barrel cellar and tasting room. After the  tour, visitors have the opportunity to taste 3 wines and 1 extra  virgin olive oil with some local sausages.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Tour  times are from Monday to Saturday at 11 a.m. Exceptionally, the visit  can take place at a different time (subject to availability).

Booking through our hotel, the price  of the guided tour (wine tasting included) is 6 euro per person. (It is necessary to book in advance). Available in Spanish or English.

 Thanks  to the guided tour, visitors will discover the history of Villena  through one of its most iconic elements: wine and the local culture  around it. During the tour, visitores will hear about the history of the wine Cooperative,  will be introduced to the wine making process step by step, and to their more special  wine, called Fondillón. And finally,  they will  taste three of the most representative wines accompanied by a gourmet  olive oil and Spanish sausages.


Mosaic landscape known as the Spanish Tuscany, which combines vineyards with olive and cereal crops. This area provides unique conditions for the practice of wine agriculture. Lovely mansions scaterred in the nature, surrounded by impressive fields of vineyards. Autumn is probably the best season to visit them. A beautiful spectacle of changing tons: red, orange, brown, yellow! 

Bodegas Daniel Belda

Opened from 1931. The tour includes the visit to the cellar, with an expert oenologist who offers a detailed, clear and good explanation of the whole elaboration process. They have recovered old autochtonous strains such as the Verdil to make one of their flagship product. The conducted tasting is held in the shop (which was the old cellar). Duration: 2 hours aprox. Price: 15 euros/person (including a present).

Bodegas Los Frailes

Belongs to the same family from 1750. They have preserved the beautiful old cellar from the XVII century. It has been renovated and can be visited, although the wine is produced in the new cellar. The conducted tasting, done by Miguel, the owner, takes place in a lovely and joyfull glazed room with beautiful views to the vineyard fields. Duration: 1,30 hour. Price: 5 euros/person.

Other wineries in Fontanars del Aforins: Heretat de Taverners, Los Dos Pinos.

Our suggestion if you wish to have lunch in Fontanars, after winery visits:

Restaurante Casa Julio: 35 €/menu aprox. (Michelin guide)

Restaurante La Caudalía: 16 €/menu (Good quality/price relation)

Another option: follow the road up to Onteniente and turn right towards Alfafara and Agres (lovely villages). You will find nice restaurants such as:

In Alfafara: Casa del Tío David  35 €/menu (mentioned in Michelin guide); Restaurante Bolumini (cheap); Restaurante L´Almassera (cheap)

In Agres: Restaurante Pensión Mariola (mentioned in Michelin guide)

After lunch, visit Bocairente village, parking your car besides the cementery. Follow the path that takes you to the main square of the old town


Yecla wine tour. Visit: Main cellars in Yecla: Bodegas Castaño; Bodegas Barahonda

Main cellar in Jumilla: Bodegas Juan Gil