Outside garden
Swimming pool by night
Jardín interior 6
sight of swimming pool 4
sight of swimming pool 5
Jardín interior 1
Inside garden 4
Painting the swimming pool 2
Inside garden 1
Second back yard
Painting of swimming pool
sight of swimming pool 3
sight of swimming pool 2
sight of the garden pines and trampolin

The gardens and the swimming pool

The old, restored farmhouse is set within more than 6,000 m2 of grounds, the garden areas and shady centennial pines and cypress trees providing a pleasant area to rest and relax in.


There is a small garden within the walls of the building, with thick vegetation and lovely  rosebushes. Crossing an old wooden gate, you can access to a large garden where you can find the swimming pool, the tennis table and the trampoline.


In the afternoon, guests can take a nap in the sunshine in one of the hammocks

A natural spring by the farmhouse offers passers-by cool drinking water.


Trampoline jumping and health
Trampoline jumps are not just a nice occupation for children and adults. It is also very good for your health.


Muscular pains:
Doctors advise people with muscular pains to exercise five minutes every day on a trampoline. After a little time the pain decreases and even disappears. During trampoline jumping several muscle groups are trained and in principle your complete body. The trampoline gives an enormous strength to your body. Besides it is also very well for your condition!


Better balance:
One of the most important benefits of the trampoline is the development of body balance. When standing on firm ground, one can avoid the problems of balance. But, when rising from the surface of a trampoline, the jumper must locate new and constantly changing centers of gravity. Continual practice on the trampoline develops skills and proficiency in sensing and maintaining proper balance.


Ideal for everyone who wants to feel healthy and wants to lose weight with little time effort.