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 Alicante is the second most montainous province in Spain an Biar is surrounded by beautiful mountains which deserve to be discovered, by foot.

It can be practiced all year long.


At our hotel, we will offer you detailed information about walking routes, in Biar and surroundings.

You can choose between different levels of difficulty and short or long distances.

Nearest walking routes in:

Sierra Fontanella. Routes from 30 minutes to 6 hours

Sierra El Reconco / Fontalbres: Routes from 1 hour

Sierra El Fraile: routes from 1 t0 3,30 hours

Sierra Peña Rubia

A little bit further:

Route to the source of The Vinalopó  river (Banyeres de Mariola)

Molí de l´Ombria - Peña La Blasca (Banyeres de Mariola)

Sierra Maigmó: Large variety of signed routes from Xorret de Catí (Castalla)

Sierra Mariola natural park. Some suggestions:

  • From Agres: Route 1: up to the top of the summit of Mont Cabrer mountain, Route 2: old and beautiful snow wells starting from Ages sanctuary. From Cocentaina: climbing to Mont Cabrer.
  •  From Alcoy: Route 1: starting from Preventori. Vulture feeder, Ermita San Cristofol y Barranc del Zinc. Route 2:  Greenway (starting from Batoy)

Font Roja natural park: several routes from 20 minutes (lookout balcony) up to  3 hours time. Well signed walking routes.

For further information: Wikiloc



We also work with specialized trekking companies to offer you guided walks.

The guides will show you unknown routes walking along beautiful paths, through impressive mountains and valleys. You will be able to discover the most atractives spots in Biar and in the rest of Alicante province.

Some walks suggested to our guests:

DURATION: half day, full day or several days, depending on the  trek itinerary.


  • Leve I: For people with a normal physical condition. From 8 years onwards. Distance of less than 15 kilómetres and 500 metres drop maximum. Ratio: maximum 14 walkers with one guide.
  • Level II: For people used to practice physical exercise. From 12 years onwards. Distance: under 25 kilómetres and 1000 metres drop. Ratio: maximum 12 walkers with one guide.
  • Level III: For people with a good physical condition. From 14 years onwards. Long distance walks exceeding a lenght of 25 kilómetres and 1000 metres drop. Ratio: máximo 10 walkers per guide.


Level I:

  • Circular route in Sierra Bernia.
  • Circular route in Font Roja Natural Park.
  • Circular route in  Sierra Onil.

Level II:

  • Ascent of Cabeçó d’Or (circular route).
  • Ascent of Puig Campana (circular route).
  • Ascent of Montcabrer (circular route).

Level III:

  • Sierra Mariola crossing.
  • Camino de Santiago through the province of Alicante.
  • GR-7 in Alicante province.

Other options:

Full moon walkings, etc.

Ask for further information and budget at our hotel. We can offer you tailor-made walking routes.