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2nd Yard (Inside garden)
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Horse riding


Maigmó Horse Riding Centre is located in Sierra Maigmó 1.000 metres above sea level, near Tibi village.

Maigmó is one of the loveliest mountains in Alicante province; its unmistakable  profile can been seen from any point of Vinalopó valley. On its hillside grows one of the most important mass of pine trees and forest of the province.

The proximity of the sea and the altitud of the mountain, allows visitors to enjoy beautiful panoramic views, such as Balcón de Alicante, on the slope of Maigmó, or la Penya del Sit, from where one can see the entire coastal line, from Benidorm to Torrevieja.

Don´t miss the visit the oldest dam of Europe either. Located very near the Maigmó riding centre. in Tibi, this water reservoir is 400 years old with  a surface of 50  hectares. There are nice walks around it.

Maigmó Horse Riding centre offers the possibility to enjoy this environment, discovering on horseback the landscapes of the sierra.

 The horse is a fugitive animal. One learns to be  adventurous, masterful, responsible and brave. The Equestrian center  Maigmó offers a way to enjoy the rural world, its fauna and flora.  Activities: Classic horse riding dressage, Birthdays, Singles and  Teambuilding, riding lessons and beautiful walks.

Horseback riding walks:

- Collective horse ride (1 hour)

- Individual horse ride (30 minutes / 1 hour). The learning process is faster than in a collective group.

- Long horse ride (2-3 hours)

- Family horse ride (1 hour): kids (5 years old onwards) help to take care of the ponies. They come along with their parents on a pony or a horse with a guide that leads the animal. (The parents can walk near their kids or ride on a horse). Relaxing rides to enjoy the countryside such as 'Foia de Castalla'. There is a terrace where the family can have a picnic. Another option: to order a paella or a barbecue, in advance.

 - Special horse ride for couple: lovely paths full of pines, oaks and aromatic herbs such as rosemarin, rockrose...

- Six hours horse ride: aArox. 1.000 of altitude. The path passes next to an old ice well and old farm houses, a centennial oak tree.
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