Salón segunda planta
Outside garden 2
Room 7
vista general jardín exterior
Inside garden 2  benches and table
sight of swimming pool
Detail of the bank made of iron second version
room 9 second version
Inside garden 5
Swimming pool towels
Hotel y entorno foto Inma Juan
Piscina 1 foto Inma
Foto 1 jardín interior Inma Juan
Salón segunda planta foto 1 Inma Juan
Foto panorm
2nd Yard (Inside garden)
Sierra Fontanella 1
Sight of swimming pool
2 º patio interior
Second back yard 3
Room 4
Biar mountain
Biar 7 (Florinda)
Paseo empedrado con persona
Biar 8 (Florinda)

Moors and Christians Traditional Festivals

Moors and Christians Traditional Festivals:

The major festivity of most of the villages and cities around, is The Moors and Christians Festival.

Dates every year

In Biar

It is held from the 10 th to 13th of May (it stands out for its old character since it is one of the most ancient performances in the Valencia region).

Other festivities in Biar:

Festivity of "Rei Pàixaro" (King Pàixaro). It dates back to the origins of the Medieval Age. It is held in January together with the festivity of San Antonio Abad, on the 17th January

Summer festivities in Biar:

Festivity of "San Cristóbal": 10th July

Festivity of "El Cólera" 13th Julay

Festivity of "Santos de la Piedra" 30th July

Festivity of "San Roque" 16th August

Festivity of "San Ramón" 31st August

Festivity called "Festeta de Setembre" on the 3rd September

Festivity of "Nuestra Sra. del Loreto" on the 8th September

In Villena

From the 4th to the 8th of September, with the greatest number of participants in the province of Alicante

In Benejama

From 5th to 9th of September

In Banyeres de Mariola

From the 22nd to the 25th of April

In Alcoy

From 22th to 24th April. The most famous Moors and Christians festival, internationally known.