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Located on the Spanish Mediterranean, the Costa Blanca is the tourist industry's name for Alicante province. The area is one of Europe's most charming tourist resorts where one can enjoy the sunshine and beaches, but also take time to venture inland, where the fertile orchard-covered valleys contrast with gentle mountains scattered with enchanting and picturesque Mediterranean villages such as Biar.


At some 600 metres above the sea level, we find Biar, a picturesque village which, for centuries, has blended in with its natural surroundings.


Arquitecture of the town, in perfect harmony with nature, is one of the main attractions.


Biar is a village of Arabic origin dominated by a double-walled castle with a slender keep, an “Almohade” construction that dates back to the second half of the 12th century. The Arabic influence to be seen in the castle is also mirrored by the fact that the word “Biar” means 'wells' and the town got this name from the numerous springs to be found throughout Biar. Surrounding the castle is the well-preserved arabic part of the village, full of cobbled streets, paved steps and fountains. Biar is surrounded by hills covered in pine trees and aromatic plants. These contrast with the plain, which is a patchwork of almond  and olive trees.


Climate: The winter climate is mild and summers are pleasantly warm with welcome fresh air at night.


Agriculture and craftwork have been the basis of the local economy for decades. These activities have been complemented and reinforced lately by a healthy growing industry and tourism.

BiarPopulation: 3,600 inhabitants

Altitude: 650 mts

Surface area: 98 km2

The parish covers an area of 97,9 square kilometres, half of which is forested.


Products and souvenirs of the local area and surroudings:

Local pottery (Biar)

Textiles: tablecloths, towels, blankets, sheets (Biar, Bañeres, Bocairente)

Materials for making clothes (Castalla);

Trekking shoes (Villena)

Shoes for children and adults (Villena, Elda)

Oil and  almonds (Biar)

Local nougat 'turrón'; typical sweets; honey (Biar)

Herbs eau de vie (Biar)

Cold meats and sausages (Biar);

Costumes and jewelry of the Moors and Christians festivals (Villena)

Furniture (Yecla)


Gastronomy in Biar:
“Gazpachos” with rabbit and snails and with a special touch of pebrella

Rice is the base of many dishes.


Historical legacy:
The old part of the city proves a rich medieval history. Remains of ancient walls from where one can contemplate the watchtowers, different arcs and fountains.

The castle that crowns the old part of Biar is an example of this kind of building (XII century). Considered as a National Monument, inside it shows an example of the most ancient “Almohade” dome. From its amazing keep, one can admire the wide valley and on the opposite side, the magnificence of El Reconco.


The local festival
The traditional Moors and Christians celebration takes place in May (10th to 14th). This festival is probably one of the most ancient of all the Valencian region. It conmemorates the struggle between the Moorish forces and the troops loyal to King Jaime I the Conqueror, which took place in Biar in 1245.


Unique in the province, is the home made pottery, a tradition that has been kept up since the XVIII century. It is characteristic for being glazed in different colours, especially in white and blue. The range is really extensive: vases, dishes, trays, bowls and flowerpots.

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