Salón segunda planta
Outside garden 2
Room 7
vista general jardín exterior
Inside garden 2  benches and table
sight of swimming pool
Detail of the bank made of iron second version
room 9 second version
Inside garden 5
Swimming pool towels
Hotel y entorno foto Inma Juan
Piscina 1 foto Inma
Foto 1 jardín interior Inma Juan
Salón segunda planta foto 1 Inma Juan
Foto panorm
2nd Yard (Inside garden)
Sierra Fontanella 1
Sight of swimming pool
2 º patio interior
Second back yard 3
Room 4
Biar mountain
Biar 7 (Florinda)
Paseo empedrado con persona
Biar 8 (Florinda)

Balloon Flights

TOTGLOBO – Balloon flights

Enjoy a smooth ride through the skies of the Mediterranean with your family and friends. Share an amazing experience with your friends while making new ones. An unforgettable gift.

Go where the wind takes you while gazing upon Valencia’s mountainous landscapes. On the horizon, the sea reflects the sun casting its first rays of light onto the new day, bringing colour to the world, while we rise up through the clouds and play chase with the wind, gliding over trees and fields, crossing mountains and admiring the beauty of a sunrise you will never forget. For a few precious moments, we manage to escape the bustle, stress and routine of our daily lives, rising into the skies in a wicker basket suspended from a multi-coloured cloth balloon, to enjoy the peace and the freedom of riding the Wind.

    8 am - Clients are welcomed at the arranged      meeting point. Activity briefing. Passengers are divided between the      various balloons.
    8.30 am - Take-off, with the rescue vehicles also      setting off to follow the balloon in its path.
    10 am – Balloons land. Equipment and      participants are collected by the TOTGLOBO land vehicles.
    10.30 am – Clients are taken to the arranged      post-flight venue.
    11 am - Celebration of clients’      first balloon flight, including a champagne toast and a typical breakfast      at a local restaurant. Diplomas are awarded, along with CDs with pictures      from the flight.
    1 pm – End of activity.

Members of our team will take pictures throughout the flight to record the highs and lows of the morning. These images will be given to all participants on a CD as a souvenir.

The price of this programme includes everything listed above (balloon flight, transportation, typical breakfast, champagne, diplomas, photos, etc.)

€ 175 per person   (7 % VAT included)